Hello everyone…

If you are reading this, you’ll probably wondering “who is this person?”


I am a student at Napa Valley College. I am using this blog again for my Digital Photography Class… YEAH!


– What is the objective of the project?

– another question?!?!


[Event] My first Wedding

My first time taking wedding photos for an event… They’re not extraordinary, yet.. [:P] but I think it went well.

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This little girls family asked me if I could take her pictures when I was walking in Benicia Park with my friends. I didn’t expect them to ask me so I didn’t really know what to do. I just agreed and before I can get ready, the little girl started running around the park. I couldn’t keep up with her, she’s so active for a 2 year old girl. I wasn’t really sure if I could take good pictures of her but thankfully there were some if not many…

These are some of the pictures, there are more but I am not done editing them…

These are pictures that I thought looks great in either colored or b&w…

If you’re still interested in buying the pictures, you can contact me through my e-mail ad: jp_pjeannifer@yahoo.com or you can just comment in this posts…let me know :] I have the non-printed photos..

It’s been a somewhat busy summer for me so I couldn’t update with new pictures as much as I want to. There were lots of things I had to do here so I put my desire to take pictures at the bottom of the lists I had to do. And I am suffering from insomnia, awake at night and sleeping most of the day… and I also started a job for the summer, so really, I didn’t have time for this. And I miss it so much. There are times that my hands mimic a camera and my forefinger clicks the shutter whenever I see a place or a person I like to take pictures of…

But no worries, school is starting and I have a full schedule of classes about photography… my camera is always beside me and i can take pictures of whatever I want.. literally.  :]

this is UPDATE by the way!

  One of my cousin is having another baby boy and my brother has this idea of making a ‘Diaper Cake’ as a gift. After helping of preparing for the event we went home and made it. I think we spent an hour making this. It turned out quite well, me thinks.

More pictures is coming…


Root Beer Float made by my cousin, the aunt of the soon-to-be-born baby boy.

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I called this a random posts because the pictures are scenes of different people/things.

First, I took pictures of my mom, ‘nough said. :]


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Friday, June 17, 2011. The first time this summer we went far away from Vallejo. We went to Brentwood California to pick cherries, the place is called Nunn Better U Pick Cherries. Don’t really understand why it’s called that, I think it’s a weird name.

These are some of the cherries…


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A journey started somewhere but ended up nowhere…

Driving around, took pictures of whatever scenes that I find interesting… I ended up somewhere but don’t know where…  There’s something in my mind that I wanted to do. It may have been just an imagination or hallucination but I wanted to do something that day. 

It’s a promise I created to myself. I want to fulfill it. I wanted to fulfill it.

But I failed.

That something disappeared. That something stayed beyond the darkness somewhere I couldn’t reach anymore….

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It rained today. I didn’t expect it to rain because when I went to school earlier today, the sun was shining. I was in front of [new] Wal-Mart when water simultaneously drop on my windshield. I wasn’t prepared and I am obviously annoyed. It was so hot last week. The sun shone every single day. It’s SUMMER!!! Why is it raining again?

Anyways, it’s not that I am not welcoming the rain, it’s clearly welcome but not right now.

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