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[Event] My first Wedding

My first time taking wedding photos for an event… They’re not extraordinary, yet.. [:P] but I think it went well.



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[People] girl with a pigtail

This little girls family asked me if I could take her pictures when I was walking in Benicia Park with my friends. I didn’t expect them to ask me so I didn’t really know what to do. I just agreed and before I can get ready, the little girl started running around the park. I couldn’t keep up with her, she’s so active for a 2 year old girl. I wasn’t really sure if I could take good pictures of her but thankfully there were some if not many…

These are some of the pictures, there are more but I am not done editing them…

These are pictures that I thought looks great in either colored or b&w…

If you’re still interested in buying the pictures, you can contact me through my e-mail ad: jp_pjeannifer@yahoo.com or you can just comment in this posts…let me know :] I have the non-printed photos..

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[People] Night of the Living

It’s been a somewhat busy summer for me so I couldn’t update with new pictures as much as I want to. There were lots of things I had to do here so I put my desire to take pictures at the bottom of the lists I had to do. And I am suffering from insomnia, awake at night and sleeping most of the day… and I also started a job for the summer, so really, I didn’t have time for this. And I miss it so much. There are times that my hands mimic a camera and my forefinger clicks the shutter whenever I see a place or a person I like to take pictures of…

But no worries, school is starting and I have a full schedule of classes about photography… my camera is always beside me and i can take pictures of whatever I want.. literally.  :]

this is UPDATE by the way!

  One of my cousin is having another baby boy and my brother has this idea of making a ‘Diaper Cake’ as a gift. After helping of preparing for the event we went home and made it. I think we spent an hour making this. It turned out quite well, me thinks.

More pictures is coming…


Root Beer Float made by my cousin, the aunt of the soon-to-be-born baby boy.


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[People] Random… [part 2]

I called this a random posts because the pictures are scenes of different people/things.

First, I took pictures of my mom, ‘nough said. :]



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Friday, June 17, 2011. The first time this summer we went far away from Vallejo. We went to Brentwood California to pick cherries, the place is called Nunn Better U Pick Cherries. Don’t really understand why it’s called that, I think it’s a weird name.

These are some of the cherries…



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A journey started somewhere but ended up nowhere…

Driving around, took pictures of whatever scenes that I find interesting… I ended up somewhere but don’t know where…  There’s something in my mind that I wanted to do. It may have been just an imagination or hallucination but I wanted to do something that day. 

It’s a promise I created to myself. I want to fulfill it. I wanted to fulfill it.

But I failed.

That something disappeared. That something stayed beyond the darkness somewhere I couldn’t reach anymore….


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[People] Moving Targets

I have been wanting to attend games for so long but time and other priorities always prevent me to. I am not really sure if the players attends NVC but judging from their age range, they must be middle school students. Sports is one of the most fun and exciting subject to take pictures of . Because you can take shots after shots of the player’s action.

I wasn’t there when they started the game and I am not really sure what inning these photos are in. At first, Rangers were getting  hits after hits, i thought they were going to win but then A’s got really lucky. They outscored their opponent in one inning, I think it was 3 or 4 runs to the home base .


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