There’s a song that reminds me of this picture that’s why I titled it ‘A Goose’s Dream’, a Korean song sang by Insooni. Lyrics are as followed [translation in eng.]:

I.. I have a dream

I believe in this dream

Watch me…I’m standing in the cold

Facing fate.. Squarely

Stand tall and challenge it

It’s an inspirational song. As I look at the geese in the picture, I remembered the song. As you can see, one of the goose’s eyes can’t be open. The first picture is the same goose in the back at the right picture.

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[Birds] Reflection

Here’s another set of birds pictures. I know I know. Another one? Yes, another one. As I said, I feel like I am destined to take their photos.

Anyways, I am satisfied with this set of photos. I like them all. There are more of these. Wait for part two! [LOL]

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I have been wanting to attend games for so long but time and other priorities always prevent me to. I am not really sure if the players attends NVC but judging from their age range, they must be middle school students. Sports is one of the most fun and exciting subject to take pictures of . Because you can take shots after shots of the player’s action.

I wasn’t there when they started the game and I am not really sure what inning these photos are in. At first, Rangers were getting¬† hits after hits, i thought they were going to win but then A’s got really lucky. They outscored their opponent in one inning, I think it was 3 or 4 runs to the home base .

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This post will have ducks, seagulls and geese standing on their foot/feet while in the water. Some are probably standing on rocks under the water but whatever.. :]

My favorite photo. Getting the momentum of the bird while landing on the rock with its spread wings is very satisfying. I got really excited when I saw this. I have many pictures of birds with their spread wings but this is my personal favorite out of the bunch. Just looking at it makes me smile. I love it!

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Flowers, such beautiful living things until they become colorless and wilt. How many days of prettiness do they have? They don’t last forever but they come back again and again. It’s fascinating to see them bloom every year. But it’s frustrating to look at them when their colors fade and they wilt right in front of you.

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This shot wasn’t for the mother and daughter but for the bird in the background. I was taking pictures of the bird because it was being chased by another bird. I didn’t even know about this until I saw it in front of the computer screen. I am lucky to have this accidental shot of the mother kissing her daughter. I don’t know who they are but THANK YOU! I am just regretting that I didn’t take a full shot so the mother’s shoes is included in the picture. It’s seems so incomplete without her shoes.

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..birds fighting for a bread.  Another day, another series of pictures from Napa Valley College Lake. It was a good thing I decided to stay for a while and rest. My last class just ended and my brain was tired so so I stopped at the lake for a while. There were lots of cars and people today. They were feeding and playing games with the birds. One family was throwing bread on the lake and so the birds are huddled up like that. They were fighting for the bread that one family threw.

It was a lot of fun taking shots by shots while the birds were fighting over the bread they threw in the water.

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